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Welcome to our website!

If you are looking for high quality, hardwearing and modern furniture fabrics, you have come to the right place. At Hackebeil GmbH, we have been selling AMBLA contract upholstery vinyl, NIROXX water resistant woven fabric and the new polyurethane material PUxx throughout Europe since 1990.

Our customer base includes well-known European seating and furniture manufacturers, architects and project dealers, upholsterers, saddleries, interior decorators, but also stairlift manufacturers and ship builders.

AMBLA, NIROXX and PUxx are easy to clean, hardwearing, sensitive in touch and have an attractive and modern design. This makes all collections highly suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, the hotel and hospitality market, cinemas, theaters as well as for the marine industry.

All three brands meet current fire-retardancy standards and the EU standard REACH (law to regulate chemical substances), too. Additionally, they are also antibacterial and prevent the growth and spread of mould or bacteria.

Explore our website to see high-resolution photos of every single article in the NIROXX, AMBLA and PUxx collections, technical data sheets, digital color cards, references, a compilation on the disinfectant compatibility of our products and much more.

Do you have any other question or request? Would you like a beautiful color card or a sample of a specific article? Please contact us by telephone or email. We love so share our knowledge and our expertise in either German or English.

We look forward to hearing from you!